Account Setup

How do I find my Affiliate ID?

If you don’t know what your Affiliate ID is, just follow these steps:   Login to your HasOffers Account Click on My Account Click on Account Details And your unique number is located on the page.        

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How do I create a custom URL with my affiliate ID?

Each offer in our program has a specific unique URL that is associated with it, however, for affiliates who want to direct users to any other page on our site, but still have that traffic tracked with your affiliate ID, you can tag the end of the URL with your ID by adding ?aid=AFFILIATE-ID# Exam...

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How do I sign up my customer for a Whitespark account and get a commission?

We strongly recommend that you direct your customers to the Whitespark website via your offer links or using a customized URL with your affiliate ID attached (ie. URL/?aid=YOUR-AFFILIATE-ID-#), and have your client Sign Up for any of the Tools or Services on their own.  Signing Up for a Whitespar...

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