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I just received an email that my subscription was put on hold. How can I fix this?

More often than not, a subscription will be put on hold if we ran into trouble processing your most recent payment. This could mean that the payment was declined, the card has expired, or your credit card provider stopped payment (this can happen when your card has been flagged for fraud). Not to...

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Why do you require cookies?

Cookies allow us to authenticate your account, which lets you access our tools. A cookie is a simple text file, it cannot harm your computer.Some people block cookies to prevent 3rd parties from tracking their browsing habits. We do not track our users across any other sites and our cookies are u...

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How do I cancel my subscription?

Breaking up is hard to do, we know, but in this case, pretty easy! Here's how to cancel: Make sure you export any search results you want to keep, you won't be able to after your account expires.   Did you pay with Paypal?   Yes Unfortunately, we can't cancel your subscription for you, so you ne...

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