Tracking Citations Over Time

New Feature! Citation Progress has previously only been able to be viewed for the past 6 weeks:   Now we can change this chart to display in Weekly, Monthly, or All Time periods: _____________________________________________________________________ 1. Edit Campaign 2. Change Citation Chart Type:...

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How Do I Compare My Citations to Other Businesses?

There are a few different ways you can compare your businesses citations to a competitors using the Local Citation Finder.   1. Create a Campaign When you create a Campaign, you include up to 5 keywords, your opportunities are based on the Top 10 ranking businesses in your city for your keywords ...

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Why Is the Competition Showing Up in Search Results?

It's expected that your competitors will show up in the results when you run a search in the Local Citation Finder. It is a competitive analysis tool, after all. The Local Citation Finder determines who is ranking in the top 10 positions for the keywords in your campaign or for the one off keywor...

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