Tracking Rankings in Different Search Result Sets

Rank Tracker will show where your business ranks for your keywords in Google Organic, Maps, Local Finder, Local Pack and Bing Organic, Pack and Local results. You can switch between search result sets in your campaign.      Organic are listings on the search result pages that are listed due to ...

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Rankings Aren't Matching Google Search Results

Search results are constantly changing, and Rank Tracker shows you a results once per day, so your business may not always appear exactly where Rank Tracker shows. There are a few things to remember:    1. You could be seeing personalized results. Google knows which sites you have visited and wil...

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I Just Set Up My Campaign, Why Do I Have 0 Results?

If you've just set up a new campaign, and have no results showing, this could be due to a few different things.    1. Check that your campaign is set up correctly. Ensure that you've entered your keywords line by line, like:   keyword 1keyword 2keyword 3   Enter at least one phone number, all var...

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