What countries are supported in the Local Citation Finder?

The Whitespark Local Citation Finder works like gangbusters for the following countries: United States Canada UK Australia Argentina Austria Belgium Bulgaria Chile Columbia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Italy Lithuania Mexico...

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Do you have a Local Citation Finder API?

Yes we do! Our Local Citation Finder API allows you to perform keyword and phone number searches, and returns all of the raw data for you to process and use in your application. API access is priced at 15 cents per API call (keyword or phone number searches), with a monthly minimum spend of $200....

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Do you have an affiliate program for the LCF?

We do offer an affiliate program for the Local Citation Finder. Direct new users to sign up to our Local Citation Finder through an affiliate link and get ready to cash-in earn up to 20% on a recurring basis. Until your referral downgrades or cancels their account, you’ll continue earning.   We’v...

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