Can you explain how the features work?

Management features to keep track of your work and stay organized. Under Campaign -> Opportunities will be all the citations that your top competitors have that you don't.  Competitors - this is the number of competitors that are listed on a specific site that you are not. So, for the example a...

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Why Are Some of My Citations Not Showing Up?

Search results are changing every minute. Sometimes, you can run the exact same search the next day, or even just hours later and get slightly different results. Local Citation Finder does a crawl of Google when running a search, and pulls in handfuls of relevant results at a time. If a citation ...

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How Do I Set Up Citation Monitoring?

You don't need to setup citation monitoring, the Local Citation Finder automatically monitors your citations when you create a Campaign. Every week the tool scans for new citations, and search the campaign keywords to find new competitors and citation opportunities. Your Next run - will be in the...

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