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What businesses can use the Reputation Builder?

Reputation Builder is designed for any type of business that can benefit from a consistent process for generating, capturing, and responding to customer feedback. All of which helps a business create a reliable review process that engages customers and helps improve services.

Reputation Builder is intended to let small businesses (or an agency working on their behalf) easily implement a best practice customer feedback/review management process.

Key Benefits of Reputation Builder:

  1. Make your search results shine: The more reviews and testimonials you receive the better your search results are; which can lead to more customers and more reviews.
  2. Capture feedback: Get in the habit of creating a dialogue with customers so you can build on your strengths, catch problems early, and constantly improve your service.
  3. Generate online word-of-mouth referrals: Reputation Builder helps you generate the referrals, testimonials, and other word-of-mouth feedback that leads to new and repeat business.
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