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How does the citation audit/cleanup service compare to Yext?

Some people seem to think Yext is a citation cleanup service. We don't believe it's effective for this task. Yext has a direct API connection to the 40, or so, citation sites in their network (the other ones are mobile apps) but they only ask you about your current business information when you sign up. They don’t know about any previous business names, addresses, and phone numbers you may have used in the past, so their system isn’t able to find and clean up innacurate citations. Also, Yext has an annual recurring fee and if you cancel the service your listings will revert back to the previous versions on many of the sites. Think of Yext listings as a cover over the old listing and when you cancel, the cover gets taken off. It’s like renting a fix on just a handful of your incorrect listings while you pay recurring fees.

Our service includes extensive manual researching to find all your old NAP variations as well as all your inconsistent listings, and then we fix the NAP data and enhance the listings. We fix the data at the source rather than just cover it up and we give you the login information for you to control that listing yourself in the future. In addition, we fix up your listings at the critically important data aggegators in the US: InfoGroup, Localeze, Acxiom, and Factual. It’s a truly comprehensive and complete service.

Yext is a good, scalable, service for certain purposes like getting listings distributed quickly for new businesses, and the ability to update information for many of your listings on platforms that are part of Yext's network in near real-time. This can be great for businesses that want to push specials out into the local search ecosystem, regularly update hours, tweak their descriptions, etc. We just don’t believe that it’s an effective solution for citation inconsistency.


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